CD Releases

Ireland’s Own Pat Tobin

1. Waterford Has It All
2. Paddle Your Own Canoe
3. Evening in Mount Melleray
4. Forty and Feeling It
5. The Rare Old Mountain Dew
6. Long Long Before Your Time
7. The Jolly Farmer
8. You’re My Best Friend
9. The Breathalyzer
10. Mickey The Monk
11. The Valley Of the Moon
12. Dear Hearts and Gentle People
13. Two Little Girls In Blue
14. Twice Daily
15. Que Sera Sera
16. Shame and Scandal
17. Save The Last Dance
18. Oldest Swinger in Town
19. Wow! Wow! Wow! The Breathalyzer

Mickey The Monk

1. Mickey the Monk
2. The Wife in Galway Bay
3. The Bright Silvery Light of the Moon
4. One Egg At A Time
5. The Stuttering Bum
6. Superlevy Lament
7. The Mini Skirt
8. Moving Statues
9. The Mad Cow Song
10. Mickey the Monk On Holidays
11. Drumsnot
12. The Belfast Lass
13. The Fly
14. Daisy/ Hard to Be Humble
15. Chantel de Champignon

The Mighty Paddy O’ Brien

1. The Mighty Paddy O’ Brien

VHS / DVD Releases

Songs, Scenery & Humour Of Ireland

1. Waterford Has It All
2. I.C.A Song
3. Two Little Girls In Blue
4. The Mountain Dew
5. Save The Last Dance
6. Mickey The Monk
7. Evening In Mount Melleray
8. J.C.B Song
9. Walk Tall
10. The Valley of the Moon
11. Oldest Swinger in Town
12. Long Before Your Time